• Sublime Executive Team has significant experience with Environmental, Health, Safety, Social & Governance (“EHSSG”) programs, including full compliance with World Bank/IFC Performance Standards.
  • Every project area we undertake is to have a specific, tailor-made EHSSG Plan.
  • Routine Fire drills and Fire Safety Training/Briefing for all staff and visitors at all Sublime Facilities, office and project locations. PPE mandatory for all project sites/locations.
  • All activities are to be reviewed by environmental protection staff and/or officers prior to commencement
  • All employees and contractors are to receive environmental and cultural protection training, and adhere to project-specific protection directives (such as no-go paths, regions, etc.)
  • Sublime employs advanced methods and technology for its projects aimed at dramatically reducing environmental impact on-land and marine life.

Multi-Products Terminal Facility In Lekki

Sublime has acquired interests in a Multi Products Storage Terminal project in Lekki Free Trade Zone, Akodo Lagos. The Terminal is designed to handle Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Gasoline, Gasoil and Jet A1. Discharge is to be via an 8.5km Subsea Pipeline connected to an SPM Turret Buoy designed by Bluewater BV.